Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed as the title suggests. I already had a busy schedule before starting my masters, and now it feels busier. The first few weeks of my teaching semester always seem like swimming against the tide to stay ahead of things. Of course the good thing about this job is that I get huge vacation time through the year. So the semesters are like sprints but I get long rests in between. Feeling the pressure financially, like I should be doing more private lessons, but I feel spread thin. I haven't managed to spend much time working on my masters. I have done what I can, and have read everyday on the commute. I read on the subway with a high lighter in hand. I think I highlight too much. I'm not great at just picking out those few choice quotes. Well, I guess as long as I'm doing a little bit and trying what more can I do? Is that a cop out? Not sure. I've only been into the gym once since getting home, twice if you count the time at the sauna when I woke up this morning. I feel staying in shape is important, but it competes with time for other things. It's already 1pm today for instance. I've just got up, taken a shower and my wife needs me to take her to some government office. It seems that every time I get a day off like today something magically appears that needs to be done. I gave my students a questionnaire asking them some basic introduction type questions. One of the questions was "What kind of ice cream flavor would you want to be?" Most of them didn't really understand the metaphor aspect of the question as it's not their first language, and just answered things like "I like chocolate because it's sweet." without personifying themselves as an ice cream. One student, however, understood the metaphor twist and she wrote "I want to be poo flavored ice cream so nobody will eat me.". Maybe I should strive to be poo flavored as well so life doesn't eat me up. Seriously though, I'd rather be sweet and attractive to others, maybe a vanilla, not too sweet but a great base to mixed with other things like strawberries or bananas and chocolate. I do however, need to keep trying to keep some balance in my life.


  1. Ha ha! Pooh-flavoured Trevor. Keep on blogging, Trevor.

  2. Thanks Frank. I hope I haven't cemented that image of me as pooh flavoured to the point that I'm always remembered that way. Not the legacy I'm looking for lol.