Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Almost Done of FI Assignment, got through Freire, will post notes later

I guess I'm on my own time but I'm almost done of my FI assignment. I did a few more annotations tonight, and only have three left to do. The annotations are the only part I hadn't finished when I was on campus. Once I left I stalled for quite awhile, partly due to the legitimate fact I was on vacation, and then when I got home it was hard to get my wheels turning. I think I've found some balance now. I'm chipping away at the stone, doing work when I can. I think I'm going to feel really good when I get this assignment behind me. It will mean more time to work on other things. It will also mean I'll be able to get some feedback from Leona on all this stuff I have written. The assignment is 36 pages at this point. I'm guessing the last few annotations will put me up to 37 or 38. It will be useful to know if I am on the right track as well as get input or suggestions. I'm debating on whether to steam roll through it tonight and have it done, or spend some time working on the document I started to address common grammar problems my students have. I've taken examples from a batch of essays I corrected over the weekend. I'm hoping it will be a useful reference for students for their writing. If I'm optimistic I'd like to hope that it has some small effect on the writing that the students do. At any rate it will be something that I can refer students to on an ongoing basis in future essays.

I finished reading Freire today, highlighting as I went along which is my new habit. It's kind of hard to live with it, as I used to be quite reluctant to mark up my books. However, I think it's useful when I'm reading this non-fiction stuff in my masters work. I still will be anal in regards to novels that I own. It's a bit of a moot point as I won't likely get to read any novels for the next few years. After I finish this masters degree I will deserve a good binge of reading for the pure fun and entertainment of it! Still, I'm enjoying getting back into the reading of non fiction works on a more intense basis. That is something I enjoyed in University, always feeding the mind with new things to ponder.

I will eventually make notes here on what I read in Freire but need to clear other stuff out of the way first. The other stuff being finishing the notes on Philosophical Foundations and the remaining annotations. Hopefully when I get them out of the way I'll start to catch up my note taking with where I'm at in reading. I started 'Contexts of Adult Education Canadian Perspectives' today, and it seems like it will be interesting.

Well I want to keep this one short. I wanted to jot something down as I'm trying to keep doing this fairly regularly, but I don't want to spend too much time tonight as I want to get other work done. I feel good right now. I'm a bit tired of working, but I feel like I've had a somewhat productive day. I got to the gym early, worked on my FI assignment, did shopping, and got my protein and other online stuff I needed ordered. I even ate fairly reasonably and think I lost a bit of that weight from the Canada trip.

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