Monday, September 12, 2011


My wife started learning the piano. I decided to try a bit too. She learns a lot faster. I really struggle with it. I hate that feeling of when you want to learn something new but it just doesn't seem to make sense. It's like my brain is wired wrong. She sees things clearly and the concept goes into her head and out her fingers much faster than me. I suppose if I keep it up things will make more sense.

I'm just playing around with it, I'm a drummer after all, I've already got an instrument. So I don't need to take it seriously. It would be cool if I could pick it up to any degree of playability though. It's a humbling experience and I think a good one for a teacher to do once in a while. Trying to learn something you are a complete beginner at reminds us of what it must be like for our low level students. That hopefully culminates in us being more patient and understanding.

She's still practicing and doing well. I was pretty much stuck on Do, Re, Mi, perhaps a Mi, Re, Do, she seems to be getting a lot more notes in there, and using both hands at the same time. Good for her. If she gets any good maybe we can start a family band. What a can of worms that could be.

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