Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's so so late!

Like the title says, it's so so late, 1:05 am to be exact and I have to get up early. But I did get a lot of work done getting my two conversation class ning sites all ready. It's going to make the semester a lot easier. I was going to put it off, but then around 7:30 or so (I think, my memory is fuzzy, I could be off by an hour or so) I decided that I should get that stuff done. So I didn't really do any Adult Ed reading. I did however work out for over two hours, so happy about getting back into that habit. It was hard to drag my butt in there after two months of vacation, lazing and eating.

I'm not going to get upset about not doing Adult Ed work today, I was taking care of stuff that needed to be done, being the first of the semester, and the exercise was good for me. Still this is a reflection about my work, getting ready and preparing my course so that all flows smoothly. So since it constitutes reflective practice I guess I did something after all. It may be a short and sweet something, but it's there after all. Now I need to take care of myself by getting to bed. Early morning coming! It was a good full day!

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