Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Entry

New blog, started after finising the foundations institute. Still haven't handed in my final assignment, but spending time with family. I'll try to work on it some today though. Not much to say yet, other than Scott put up his blog and I figured I'd make one too. I chose the name Trevor's Quest because of a funny experience that happened to me once, and because I didn't have much time to think about the name. Once I was touring the schools in PEI with the Milton Acorn Poetry Festival. I was the Assistant Co-ordinator and also a performer. I had some time before our set, so Mike (my guitar player for that tour) and I went to the local mall near the school, which was up towards the western end of PEI, to check out the music store. I heard music coming from a room near the music store and asked the guys in the store if I could check out who was practicing. So I popped my head into the room and they immediately asked me "Who are you?" I answered "Trevor" and their jaws all dropped, and they then told me the name of their band was "Trevor's Quest". They turned out to be students at the school where I was to perform later that afternoon. I think they may even have been involved with doing sound for the show. Anyway, I think that since the day I walked into the Foundations Institute to begin my masters in Adult Education that I was embarking on a new quest, so I thought that it was kind of fitting. Also I like it because in a way my life has been a bigger quest even before that.

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