Monday, May 28, 2012

Dan Dennett on Atheism Denial

Really interesting talk by Dan Dennett. Especially interesting to me is (well all of it, but . ..) the part about Quebec's new curriculum that maintains that all students must be taught about religion from a comparative religion standpoint, being taught not to believe in one religion or another, but to be taught simple facts about different religions, and how that goes a long way to promoting tolerance among different groups. The other really interesting point to me was his call to move away from the Don't ask, Don't Tell model of dealing with religious discussions, to the Don't ask, Tell model, and his reasoning behind that. I won't get into it myself, you'll have to listen yourself if it interests you. I also really love Dan's very gentle, humorous, and profound approach. I hope I can learn more about this, and perhaps even learn more about this Quebec curriculum and court case and all more when I go to study my Bachelor of Education. I really got to read more of Dan Dennett's books. I've only read Breaking the Spell, no others, though I've watched many of his lectures and debates, and read some of his articles here and there. I'd really love to get a chance to meet him and have a chat someday, or study under him.

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